lunedì 2 maggio 2022

My Selection: Dress Power!


The beautiful days bring with them something truly magical ....

Hi Guys!!!! Welcome back, let's start this week of good weather, of sun, after all it's true, you never get tired of the sun on beautiful days!
The beautiful days bring with them good humor and the desire to discover a little, to play with colors, with fabrics, but above all to play with clothes!  In spring and summer, dresses are by far the items I wear most, short, long or midi, the choice is really wide, solid or floral, as long as they are colored! 
But if the temperatures still don't allow it, how to wear a sleeveless dress ???

Simple with a nice denim or leather jacket, a vest or a cardigan, the beauty of spring and summer is that you can play with different combinations and always be chic and glam! And on the feet ??? High heels, flat sandals or sneakers ??? I love the clothes with sneakers, comfortable and trendy all day and evening ??? Sandal, whether high or low, the important thing is that it is glam! 

So today I want to offer you three perfect looks for both spring and summer, but first of all I want to tell you that their price is really small and the quality is high, where did I get them ??? On Noracora, have you ever taken a look ??? There are so many fashionable and very trendy items, for all tastes at a very small price and shipping, i can assure you that it is really fast !!!

What did I choose ??? Between Floral dresses and Bohemian dresses, the choice is really rich, but I chose two maxi dresses and a more romantic and bohemian knee-length dress! All strictly in shades of pink, soft, light, they are high quality garments that will accompany me throughout the summer, what do you think, do you like them ??? 
Do you want to know my favorite ???

Find out for yourself .... in the meantime I suggest you take a tour of Noracora, it is truly a unique online shop !!!

Until next time....

Kisses, Marta!

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